GRID Alternatives

In February of 2013, we renewed our philanthropic partnership with GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit solar installer providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training to communities in need.

Together, we will bring clean power to nearly 1,200 low-income families across California and Colorado by the end of 2013, and give hands-on solar installation experience to thousands of workers.

Empowering Communities in Need

Together, we have helped bring renewable energy to over 1,000 low-income families across California and Colorado, saving them an estimated $20 million over the solar power systems’ lifetimes.

GRID Alternatives is grateful to Yingli for helping us make solar power available to the working families that need the savings the most, while helping build the clean energy workforce of the future. We are also proving that if solar is a viable technology for low-income families, it can work for anyone anywhere. – Erica Mackie, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of GRID Alternatives

These solar projects built to date are estimated to eliminate 80,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits, the projects are providing hands-on job training in solar PV installation to thousands of individuals looking to enter the solar workforce.

In addition to supplying the PV modules for GRID Alternatives projects, our staff has even volunteered to provide some of the manpower required in solar installations. We have participated in multiple installation workdays that got us out of the office and up on roofs, installing Yingli modules.

Our continued support for GRID Alternatives means thousands more learning opportunities for green job seekers, dozens of thousands of tons of reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and millions more in long-term savings for low-income families that need them most.

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