JS-SPS-3000 Series

Module Type

YGE 140 series × 12

Inverter Type
3000VA-48V x 1

Battery Type
12V/250Ah × 4

Cables and Other Components
1 set

Recommended Load
Energy-saving lamp (10W), 6 sets, 10 hours/day

TV (50W), 2 set, 5 hours/day

Satellite TV Receiver (25W), 1 set, 5 hours/day

Air condition (1500W), 1 set, 3 hours/day

Washing Machine (380W), 1 set, 1 hour/day

Desktop (200W), 1 set, 3 hours/day


Datasheet (AS)

Off-Grid Solar Power System

  • Safety and reliability, with multi-protection from overcharge, short circuit and overloading

  • The system can restore automatically and requires no maintenance.

  • Pure Sina wave which is suitable for any load; AC and DC coupling of energy sources.

  • Easy upgrading to larger energy supply systems with worldwide services for solar home system.