SZYL-SPS-100 Series


1010 / 660 / 35mm

Module Type

Solar Panel 100W/18V poly x 1Piece

Inverter Type
12V/300W, Inside Power Control Cabinet

Controller 12V/15A, Inside Power Control Cabinet

Battery Type
12V/100Ah, SMF Lead-Acid Storage Battery

Cables and Other Components
1 set

Output AC22OVx2, USB5Vx4, DC20Vx1, DCI2Vx1, DC9Vx1, DC3.3Vx1

Recommended Load
Energy-saving lamp (11W), 2 sets, 6 hours/day Mobile Phone (2W), 4 sets, 3hours/day Fan (30W), 2 set, 3 hours/day

Charging Time a. 3~4 days by solar panel b. 24 hours by AC charger adapter


Datasheet (AS)

Off-Grid Solar Power System

-Leading edge manufacturing processes guarantee full control over material and product quality -Robust, corrosion resistant aluminum frame independently tested to withstand wind loads of 2.4kPa ensuring a stable mechanical life for your modules -Designed for use in remote location without access to grid -Cheaper electricity generation alternative to diesel generators -Yingli off-grid system offers excellent efficiency and superior performance even during high temperatures, high humidity and cloudy conditions -Installed safety function with overcharging and deep-discharge protection -System offers both DC and AC applications