1705mm / 999mm / 6mm (frameless)
1711mm / 1005mm / 30mm (framed)
Module Type
  • YL345CG2530L/F-2 1/2, with peak power of 345W
  • YL340CG2530L/F-2 1/2, with peak power of 340W
  • YL335CG2530L/F-2 1/2, with peak power of 335W
  • YL330CG2530L/F-2 1/2, with peak power of 330W
  • YL325CG2530L/F-2 1/2, with peak power of 325W
  • YL320CG2530L/F-2 1/2, with peak power of 320W

PANDA BIFACIAL modules generate power from the front side as well as from the back. Together with the cutting-edge PANDA n-type crystalline silicon solar cells, which wake up earlier than conventional p-type and go to sleep later, the energy yield can be highest increased by 30%. Multi-busbar half cells and series & parallel electrical structure can reduce CTM loss and increase module output power.

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PANDA BIFACIAL 120HC (Version 3)

PANDA BIFACIAL 120HC (Version 2)

PANDA BIFACIAL 120HC (Version 1)