1998mm / 994mm / 6mm (frameless)
2004mm / 1000mm / 30mm (framed)
Module Type
  • YL400DG2536L/F-2, with peak power of 400W
  • YL395DG2536L/F-2, with peak power of 395W
  • YL390DG2536L/F-2, with peak power of 390W
  • YL385DG2536L/F-2, with peak power of 385W
  • YL380DG2536L/F-2, with peak power of 380W
  • YL375DG2536L/F-2, with peak power of 375W

Whenever the conditions are requiring a more robust solution, our modules are the right choice. Carefully chosen materials, state of the art solar cells and our experience in manufacturing to ensure high product quality.

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YLM GG 72CELL (Version 3)

YLM GG 72CELL (Version 2)

YLM GG 72CELL (Version 1)