YGE-VG 60 Cell Series 2

1640 mm / 992 mm / 35 mm
Module Type
  • YL290P-29b, with peak power of 290 W
  • YL285P-29b, with peak power of 285 W
  • YL280P-29b, with peak power of 280 W
  • YL275P-29b, with peak power of 275 W
  • YL270P-29b, with peak power of 270 W

Our signature product, the YGE-VG 60 Cell, is the most versatile module. While compact enough to fit on residential and commercial roofs, it is still economical enough to meet the needs of larger, utility-scale projects. This series is UL and IEC certified which are both universally recognized and respected throughout the solar industry.

This product is made overseas.