YLM 60 Cell HSF Smart

1680mm / 992mm / 35mm
Module Type
  • YL290DD-30b, with peak power of 290W
  • YL285DD-30b, with peak power of 285W
  • YL280DD-30b, with peak power of 280W
  • YL275DD-30b, with peak power of 275W
  • YL270DD-30b, with peak power of 270W

The circuit design of YLM series modules developed by Yingli has been optimized. Every piece of cells parallels a diode, when a cell is covered by shade, the paralleled diode can bypass this cell, thus avoide hot spot, and can retain the maximum power output. HSF module can be used in more shadowy and xomplex areas. Meanwhile, in land scarcity areas, the distance between modules has been shortened to increase the installed capacity.