YGE-VG 72 Cell Series 2

1956mm / 992mm / 40mm
Module Type
  • YL345P-35b, with peak power of 345W
  • YL340P-35b, with peak power of 340W
  • YL335P-35b, with peak power of 335W
  • YL330P-35b, with peak power of 330W
  • YL325P-35b, with peak power of 325W

The workhorse of our multicrystalline product line, the YGE-YG 72 Cell solar panel is the largest in our portfolio and is ideal for large-scale power plants. This solar panel has a proven track-record of operation in dozens of countries and several of the world’s most prominent utility projects.

This solar module series is UL and IEC certified, which are both universally recognized and respected throughout the solar industry.

This product is made overseas.