PANDA 60 Cell Series


64.96 in (1650 mm) / 38.98 in (990 mm) / 1.57 in (40 mm)

Module Type
  • YL270C-30b, with peak power of 280 W
  • YL265C-30b, with peak power of 275 W
  • YL260C-30b, with peak power of 270 W
  • YL255C-30b, with peak power of 265 W
  • YL250C-30b, with peak power of 260 W

In Germany and Italy, the warranty terms are subject to different conditions. Learn more and click here for Germany and here for Italy.

With an efficiency of up to 17.1%, our PANDA Series has one of the highest module performance ratings in the world.

The most versatile module of the series, the PANDA 60 Cell is ideal for all applications where efficiency is essential or space is limited, ranging from residential and commercial projects to large-scale power plants.

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Case Studies

NY Jets Atlantic Health Training Facility

NY Jets Atlantic Health Training Facility

Harvard Gordon Indoor Track

Harvard Gordon Indoor Track