YGE 60 Cell Series


64.96in (1650mm) / 38.98in (990mm) / 1.38in (35mm)

Module Type
  • YL260P-29b, with peak power of 260 W
  • YL255P-29b, with peak power of 255 W
  • YL250P-29b, with peak power of 250 W
  • YL245P-29b, with peak power of 245 W
  • YL240P-29b, with peak power of 240 W

In Germany and Italy, the warranty terms are subject to different conditions. Learn more and click here for Germany and here for Italy.

Our signature product, the YGE 60 Cell, is our most versatile module. While compact enough to fit on residential and commercial roofs, it is still economical enough to meet the needs of larger, utility-scale projects.

This series is UL and IEC certified which are both universally recognized and respected throughout the solar industry.

For those interested in obtaining system performance modeling files, please contact us at simulation@yingliamericas.com for more information.