YGE-U 72 Cell Series


77.56in (1970mm) / 38.98in (990mm) / 1.57in (40mm)

Module Type

YL310P-35b, with peak power of 310 W YL305P-35b, with peak power of 305 W YL300P-35b, with peak power of 300 W YL295P-35b, with peak power of 295 W YL290P-35b, with peak power of 290 W

The large format YGE-U 72 Cell Series is ideal for utility-scale projects in North America, and is UL-certified for maximum system voltages of up to 1000 volts.

The increased maximum system voltage reduces resistive line losses, which improves overall system performance. It also decreases the required number of wire runs and combiner boxes, leading to balance-of-system savings.

The YGE-U 72 Cell Series is fully compatible with single-axis solar tracking systems manufactured by Array Technologies, the world's leading supplier of solar tracking equipment.

For those interested in obtaining system performance modeling files, please contact us at simulation@yingliamericas.com for more information.

Case Studies

Centinela Solar Energy Facility

Centinela Solar Energy Facility