YGE-Z 60 Cell Series


64.96in (1650mm) / 38.98in (990mm) / 1.57in (40mm)

Module Type
  • YL260P-29b, with peak power of 260 W
  • YL255P-29b, with peak power of 255 W
  • YL250P-29b, with peak power of 250 W
  • YL245P-29b, with peak power of 245 W
  • YL240P-29b, with peak power of 240 W

The YGE-Z 60 Cell Series is ideal for residential and commercial applications where cost savings, installation time, and aesthetics matter most. The YGE-Z Series, which features a Zep Compatible ™ frame, allows for lower balance of system costs and reduced installation time when mounted with Zep racking systems.