Innovation Ensures Promising Future, Yingli Solar Drives Transformation and Upgrading of PV Industry

  • Publish Time:2022.11.29

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Summit Shanghai 2022 opened on 29 November. Based on China and with a global vision, the Summit carried out in-depth discussions on energy technology update and industrial development and transformation in the context of global net-zero emissions goal from multiple perspectives, including new energy systems, energy security and renewable energy.Guests from large energy enterprises, financial investment institutions and research experts in the industry at home and abroad gathered online to make suggestions for future development.Yin Xulong, Chairman of the Board of Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd., Dr. Vincent Yu, Director of National Technical Standard Innovation Base of Photovoltaic and Vice President of Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd., were invited to attend the summit. They joined BNEF in in-depth discussions with participants on a range of topics such as green development of the PV industry, business transformation and upgrading, and N-type TOPCon technological innovation.
●Meet opportunities and challenges and realize the transformation and upgrading from energy saving to intelligent and green energy
On the morning of November 29, Yin Xulong, Chairman of the Board of Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd., expressed his unique views on the future potential of the PV industry from the perspective of energy structure transformation. He said that in the process of
realizing the global net-zero emissions goal, the PV industry will play an irreplaceable role. From energy saving and consumption reduction through renewable energy in the initial stage to the large-scale application of digital and intelligent technology and continuous breakthroughs in the intelligent energy industry and the construction of green supply chain systems, the PV industry is embracing new development and transformation. In the future, Yingli Solar will continue to give full play to its advantages in scientific research and innovation, promote the construction of energy security and high-quality development, build a smart and efficient energy system, strengthen the empowerment of digital technology, promote the green transformation of energy and build a modern new energy system.

●The Turning Point has arrived: N-type TOPCon technology drives the iterative upgrading of the PV industry
In the roundtable forum themed "N-type TOPCon Technology Has Become a New Turning Point for the Photovoltaic Industry " , Dr. Vincent Yu, Director of National Technical Standard Innovation Base of Photovoltaic and Vice President of Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd., Wang Dong, Director of CTC China Photovoltaic Test Center and Wu Shoucheng, Director of the Resource & Technology Office of the New Energy Department of POWERCHINA Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., shared their insights into the development prospect of N-type TOPCon technology from such perspectives as product and technology research and development, yield test and application side. As a pioneer in R&D and mass production of N-type technology, Yingli Solar began its N-type technology research and development in 2009 and realized mass production in 2010.In 2019, Yingli Solar took the lead in the 13th Five-Year Plan project of "Key Technology Research and Production Line Demonstration forthe Industrialization of High-Efficiency Homojunction N-type Monocrystalline Silicon Bifacial Solar Cells (TOPCon Cells)", whereit cooperated with research institutes, PV enterprises, testing institutions and design institutes to promote collaborative innovation of N-type TOPCon technology.In 2020, Yingli Energy took the lead in publishing the Test Method for Electrical Parameters of Bifacial Photovoltaic (PV) Modules, which not only filled the vacuum in domestic standards for bifacial PV moduels, but also was of great significance for promoting China's PV technology to continuously lead and be an authority in industry standards.
In the outdoor demonstration, the empirical data in two typical climatic regions show that N-type TOPCon modules have stronger power generation performance, lower working temperature, excellent power generation performance under low irradiation conditions and under high temperatures and high humidity conditions.On the application side, the N-type TOPCon modules has no PID, high bifaciality, low-temperature coefficient and low year-on-year attenuation, showing significant advantages in power generation capacity, investment return and cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity.

●Technology, operation and global presence: Chinese PV manufacturers lead the development of the global PV Industry
On the afternoon of November 29, Chairman Yin was invited to attend the theme forum to discuss with Chinese PV leaders how Chinese PV manufacturers can continue to lead the development of the global PV industry.Chairman Yin shared the approaches for Yingli Solar to maintain its competitive advantage and achieve strong development in the future from three dimensions, namely technology, business model and global presence.
In the next three to five years, Yingli Solar will continue to rely on its N-type products, carry out comprehensive and in-depth research and development of TOPCon superposition technology, and further improve industrialization.It will also conduct in-depth analysis, research and assessment from the aspects of market supply and demand, technological collaborative innovation and standardssetting, so as to create technical barriers, produce differentiated solutions, form core competitiveness, and provide more professional services for global users.
Innovation ensures a promising future. As a leading global provider of smart PV energy solutions, Yingli Solar will continue its independent research and development and technological innovation to promote the green transformation and upgrading of the smart PV industry, and contribute its wisdom and strength to achieving the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.