Yingli Modules Once Again Qualify for Use in 5B’s Maverick System

  • Publish Time:2023.11.23

Yingli Solar are delighted to announce that our 550 W p-type, 570 W n-type, and 575 W n-type solar panels have passed 5B’s stringent tests and are used in their latest-generation 5B Maverick solution. The 5B Maverick is a fully prefabricated, ground-mounted, solar array solution that is used in off-grid, commercial, industrial, and large-scale solar power generation applications globally.

When mounted in a 5B system, Yingli modules can be loaded to 3,600 Pa design load in uplift and 1,200 Pa design load in downforce. Under these loads in the 5B Maverick product, the Yingli modules are expected to maintain their full electrical and mechanical performance and experience little to no microcracking. This enables the 5B system with Yingli modules to be deployed in most wind zones on the planet. These high load limits are nearly double the industry standard ratings (2400Pa) for module test loads and are testament to both the strength of the Yingli module and the novel way the 5B Maverick is able to mount the modules for high wind loads.

"We are delighted to continue our close relationship with 5B and support their innovative Maverick system," says Yingli Solar Australia Managing Director Tim Feng. "Our panels have a high power generation and excellent environmental adaptability, making them a perfect fit for 5B’s plug-and-play solar farm. We cannot wait to see where the Maverick solution is used next."

A highly valued aspect of the 5B Maverick in many power applications is its ability to be packed up and redeployed in other locations. As a reflection of the strength of Yingli’s modules and 5B’s controlled procedures, all standard warranty terms and conditions pertaining to the panels continue to apply when the 5B system is redeployed and recommissioned in new locations by trained and experienced teams.

"Yingli have a been a great company to work with and have supported 5B and our product development roadmap since 2018,” says Rhett Evans, Head of System Engineering, Test, and Performance at 5B. “It is important for us to deal with module manufacturers that not only make good products, but also have a long standing and dedicated presence in the Australian market. It is imperative to us our customers will get the service and support they need from the module manufacturers in the unlikely event that they require it."