Yingli Solar to put 8GW of new capacity into operation during construction of China’s first recycling demonstration line

  • Fecha de publicación :2022.01.21

Yingli Energy has announced that the launch of China’s first demonstration line for the recycling and processing of modules will see its new production capacity in Tianjin, Lixian and Hengshui put into operation, with a total of some 8GW of capacity released.

The new production line will incorporate a number of advances across low-temperature non-destructive slicing, large-size silicon wafers, multi-busbar & multi-slice technology, macro welding technology and special-shaped welding strip technology. In addition, AI automatic Identification technology and an MES production management system have been introduced to achieve quality, equipment and process control. Intelligence and precision can increase labour efficiency by 20% and management efficiency twofold. The production line covers 182 and 210 product sizes and is compatible with double glass production, module conversion efficiency exceeding the industry-leading level of 21%.

As part of China’s first and only industry technical standard innovation base, Yingli Solar has built a photovoltaic technology laboratory in Lixian Park, to engage in high-efficiency cell and module reliability research and testing of solar materials. The laboratory has been certified by China’s National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, the CGC and Shanghai Dekra.

Yingli Solar’s new factory in Baoding has also been established and will continue to produce high-efficiency products, with cell and module capacity expected to reach 10GW and 15GW respectively by 2023.

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