Phase I of Yingli's 5GW high-efficiency module capacity starts production in Tianjin

  • Fecha de publicación :2021.09.03

On September 1st, Yingli Energy (China) Co., Ltd. officially put the first phase of the 5GW high-efficiency module intelligent capacity into operation. The capacity was constructed by Tianjin Yingli branch, and it’s the first batch of projects after the company completed the judicial reorganization process. After the whole capacity is fully put into operation, the annual capacity value will reach 6.85 billion yuan.
In accordance with Yingli "specialization" strategic guidelines, the first phase of the Tianjin 5GW high-efficiency capacity takes advantage of talents, assets, brand and technology. Engineers independently design U-shaped production lines, centralize management of key quality control points, and ensure that the production line transfers qualified products. The design of separation of people and materials allows the flow of people and logistics to have their own independent routes, and the material transfer distance is greatly shortened, realizing the timing of the delivery of raw materials, reducing 70% of the logistics input, and increasing the overall material management efficiency by 3.5 times. The optimized layout of the production line makes the various processes adjacent to each other, which makes the product input and output more visualized, reduces the production management coverage area, increases labor efficiency by 20%, and improves management efficiency by 2 times.
As an important practice model for the development of industrial intelligence, the construction of Tianjin Yingli new production line capacity meets the strict requirements of "green factories", with intelligent manufacturing units, 3D warehouses and logistics transportation systems, intelligent products control unit and other functions. Product design includes mainstream products in the market such as PERC, double-glass, and distributed all-black modules. The power covers 400 W to 660 W, and the module efficiency exceeds 21%, which is at the advanced level in the industry.
Since 2018, Tianjin Yingli was approved as a "green factory", and it has always maintained the green production. It has formed a systematic management in various aspects such as the harmless selection of raw materials, energy conservation and reduction of harmful emissions, and automatic control of the production process. It largely reflects the green development direction of photovoltaic manufacturing enterprises.


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