Core ValuesCore Values
Business Development Mode of "Innovation + Technology + Industry + Services"

Yingli Solar's power plant segmentation involves a variety of operations and maintenance of power plants, including, but not limited to, distributed power plants, commercial power plants, county-wide distributed power plants, utility power plants, agri-PV complementary power plants, and fishery-PV complementary power plants.
With the business development mode of "innovation + technology + industry + service", Yingli Solar has rapidly realized the layout of the national PV market. Up to now, Yingli Solar has obtained 2 GW as quota for power plants in Baoding and Tianjin, and has reserved more than 10 GW for high-quality projects in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai.

Core Values
Core AdvantagesCore Advantages
Yingli Solar will seize the favorable opportunity of green transformation of the global energy structure, adhere to innovation driving, focus on clean energy development, implement the ideology of zero carbon, and give a better play to the sunlight in improving people’s well-being.
Yingli Solar has the first-class talent team
Yingli Solar has the first-class talent team
Real time quality monitoring platform
The team members have been engaged in the PV industry for over 20 years and have rich experience in PV power plant development, design, construction and operation, serving many domestic and foreign customers with PV projects covering China, North Africa, Middle East and South America. Relying on the product advantages, brand advantages and the advantages of the whole industry chain, the Company will provide customers with industry-leading clean energy solutions one-stop efficient services.
Yingli Solar adheres to the development of double main business
Yingli Solar adheres to the development of double main business
Adhere to the development of dual main industries
Yingli Solar vigorously expand the downstream application industry, and explore the markets of centralized power stations and distributed power stations by relying on the National Technical Standards Innovation Base to carry out technical innovation, R&D and manufacturing. Through the effective combination of R&D, manufacturing and application of photovoltaic solar energy industry, the Company actively supports the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The objective of 10GW distributed project will be jointly developed nationwide during the 14th Five-Year Plan period; and innovate and expand the distributed business model, earnestly implement the rural revitalization strategy and vigorously develop household distributed business, and use industrial and commercial distributed power stations as the basis for energy conservation and emission reduction, to facilitate the achievement of carbon peaking and carbon neutral goals.
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