Promote cooperation through in-depth research | Shi Feng, Secretary-General of the Kenya-China Cooperation Committee, and his party visits Yingli Solar for research and discussion

  • Publish Time:2023.04.19

On the afternoon of April 18, Shi Feng, Secretary-General of the Kenya-China Cooperation Committee, Zhang Aiguo, former Director of Tianjin Commission of Commerce, Wang Ying, a second-level researcher of Baoding Foreign Affairs Office, and four other officials visited Yingli Solar and had a discussion on the "Implementation of the Project of PV Power Generation Facilities in Kenya." Dr. Vincent Yu, Vice President of Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd. and Director of the National Technical Standard Innovation Base of Photovoltaic, and Eris Zhao, Marketing Manager of the International Sales Department of Yingli Solar, accompanied the delegation.

Secretary-General Shi Feng pointed out that the project is based on Kenya's "Brightening the Countryside" program, and plans to provide electrification assistance to Kenya with PV panels and related products, so as to build a fast track of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation. The Cooperation Committee hopes that Yingli Solar, as a pioneer and leader in the industry, will continue to play a leading role in the construction of the track and assume an important role in Kenya-China trade. It also hopes that Yingli Solar will accumulate replicable experience to expand the African market with Kenya at the center, so as to build a supply complex for Africa which promotes the development of Africa and China through the development of Kenya and Baoding.

Eris Zhao, Marketing Manager of the International Sales Department of Yingli Solar, said that Yingli Solar has operated in Africa for ten years, and this project provides an important opportunity for Yingli Solar to expand the African market while consolidating the existing market. As a leading enterprise in the PV industry, Yingli Solar can achieve higher power generation through lower power consumption cost by relying on its Panda technology, and its products can operate stably in various harsh environments by virtue of its excellent adaptability and stability. Yingli Solar has the experience, technology, capacity and confidence to play an indispensable and important role in the project.

During the meeting, the two sides had in-depth discussions about the feasibility of the project, the product form, the cooperation mode and other issues. Dr. Vincent Yu expressed his sincere gratitude to Baoding Foreign Affairs Office for its efforts to actively coordinate its resources of foreign affairs to facilitate the development of PV enterprises in Baoding. He said that Yingli Solar is a provider of smart PV energy solutions that integrates technology research and development, intelligent manufacturing, power station development, construction and operation. The government has set up a good platform for enterprises to demonstrate their strengths. Yingli Solar will take this opportunity to continue to lead the PV industry and contribute to China's assistance to Africa.

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