Yingli Quality CertificationQuality Certification
Product certification

Yingli Solar's products have obtained a number of high-quality PV module certifications granted by the world's leading service providers, passed international product certifications by Europe, the European Union, the United States and other countries, and have been awarded product certifications from China Quality Certification Center. These independent tests and certifications from all over the world prove the continuity, reliability and stability of Yingli Solar's products. The certification of products and enterprises provides reliable guarantee for the Company's global strategic layout and strong support for the Company's future development.

TÜV Rheinland Certification TÜV Nord US UL Certification China CQC Certification
System certification

Yingli Solar is committed to making positive contributions to the society and the natural environment. It has obtained authoritative certification in quality system, environmental safety, occupational health, social responsibility and other aspects, and has been awarded ISO9001 quality system certificate and IEC62941 certificate.

Quality Awards

In 2010, Yingli Solar PV modules ranked second in the TÜV Rheinland power generation test. At the conference of "2016 TÜV Rheinland Quality Excellence Photovoltaic Summit and Award Ceremony", Yingli Solar won the titles of "Rheinland Star - Module Power Generation Award of 2015" and "Five-star Module".

DNV GL is a global quality assurance and risk management organization, providing world-renowned testing and consulting services for the renewable energy value chain. As a professional and independent non-profit organization, DNV GL unveiled the reliability scorecard report of photovoltaic modules for the first time in 2014, which serves as a platform for photovoltaic module manufacturers to show their reliable and durable products to the global industry, and also provides investors with independent and objective module reliability data. Yingli Solar’s modules have passed DNV GL reliability test for four consecutive years and been rated as the "Top Performer" among the product of this kind.

In 2019, the "PANDA" double-layered glass module won the world's first highest grade A++ certificate of outdoor power generation energy efficiency rating issued by TÜV Rheinland. In 2022, Yingli won the "Highest Achievement Award" for module enterprises awarded by RETC Lab.

The Renewable Energy Test Center released its 2022 PV Module Index Report. Yingli Solar won the "High Achiever" award again for its outstanding performance in three dimensions of quality, performance and reliability indicators, becoming one of the year’s top six performers. In addition to being recognized in all these three dimensions, Yingli Solar also won 7 individual outstanding performance awards and was listed in the Top list for two consecutive years.

PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) is the world's leading laboratory for testing reliability and performance of PV modules. Every year, it evaluates the reliability of modules with standards higher than that of IEC certification. It provides an important reference for the assessment of reliability and quality of PV modules in the industry.

Total Quality ControlTotal Quality Control
Quality management of processes
Quality management of processes
Quality management of processes
Quality management
  • Material control:procurement control procedure; supplier management procedure; incoming material quality control procedure
  • SAP and OA control of materials. Production process control:control of quality control points; control procedures for nonconforming products; online EL process testing
  • process MES and ERP system control. Ex-factory control:100% testing by simulator and safety tester
Real time quality monitoring platform
Real time quality monitoring platform
Real time quality monitoring platform
Real time quality
monitoring platform
  • Yingli Solar implements a comprehensive and transparent quality management mode, and realizes the quality control of raw materials warehousing through SAP and OA software systems. The traceability control of materials in the production process is supported through ERP. Product quality is controlled through the MES system across the whole production line. The warehousing and ex-warehousing of finished goods are controlled through WMS.
After-sales quality assurance service
After-sales quality assurance service
After-sales quality assurance service
After sales quality
assurance service
  • Round-the-clock communication:we provide after-sales hotline and WeChat official after-sales platform service on a 24×7 basis. Customers can ask questions or propose their requirements by calling the hotline 0312-8922216 or adding the "Yingli Solar After-sales Service" official account of WeChat at any time; customers also can make inquiries, give feedback, or make any complaint by writing to Yingli Solar’s customer service mailbox service@yingli.com.
  • Coverage of after-sales service network:we have a robust after-sales network by relying on production bases in Baoding, Lixian, Hainan, Tianjin, Hengshui, Jiangxi and Zhenjiang and other places in China, in combination with 21 provincial companies nationwide and more than 30 offices at provincial branches across the country. Yingli Solar ensures that it will respond to customers’ demands within 12 hours and arrive at customers’ premises within 24 hours upon the request for troubleshooting.
Strict quality control plan
Strict quality control plan
Strict quality control plan
Strict quality
control plan
  • All processes, from welding to testing, strictly follow their respective quality control requirements.
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