Yingli Panda make a grand appearance at Intersolar Europe

  • Publish Time:2023.06.15

On June 14 local time, the three-day Intersolar Europe kicked off at the Messe München in Germany. Yingli Solar, the leading global provider of smart PV energy solutions, made a grand appearance with its latest upgraded Panda 3.0 series modules. With a wider range of diversified choices for the global market, it joined hands with global partners to create and share the Epoch N of PV!

Bringing cutting-edge PV technology to the grand exhibition

The Intersolar Europe is Europe’s largest and most influential solar-specialized exhibition and trade fair, bringing together leading PV companies and cutting-edge technologies and products from around the world. At the exhibition, Yingli Solar targeted the overseas PV market and launched the Panda 3.0 series modules, which apply to all sea, land, and air scenarios. They include the Ocean Star series for offshore PV applications, the Roof series for distributed PV, and the Bifacial Double-Glass series, which is specially developed and produced for utility projects. Once on display, the products attracted a lot of attention and became one of the brightest stars of the exhibition.

Yingli Panda empowering the future

The Ocean Star series modules for marine floating power plants and offshore application scenarios came under the limelight upon their debut. Based on the Panda 3.0 N-type TOPCon high-efficiency technology independently developed by Yingli Solar, the Ocean Star series modules are supported by a full set of salt mist- and corrosion-resistant BOM and matched with a flexible bracket design. The significant advantages of higher power density, excellent temperature coefficients, salt mist resistance, and load resistance make them perfectly suited for different types and scenarios of offshore and marine PV applications. The modules ensure stable and superior power generation performance even in strong winds and high-salt-mist environments, thereby increasing the value and lowering the costs of electricity for customers. The Ocean Star series products have been put into mass production and practical applications.

Yingli Solar’s Roof series lightweight and pure-black modules for European commercial and residential applications also attracted much attention and inquiries from customers. The Roof series modules feature black glazed glass and a lightweight composite frame, which make a pleasant appearance while reducing roof load and facilitating installation. The outstanding performance in low-light conditions and backside power gain enable longer working hours for the Roof series modules than conventional modules and an increase of up to 30% in power generation than conventional products!

Ms. Cindy Hu, Vice President of Yingli Energy Development Co., Ltd. said, “As one of the key markets in Yingli Solar’s global layout, Europe has high requirements for PV modules’ quality and reliability. With superior anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties, the Roof series modules better meet the needs of local household, industrial, and commercial scenarios of PV applications.”

Yingli Solar’s Bifacial Double-Glass series modules fit utility power plant projects. The “large size + high backside power gain” design can effectively utilize the scattered and reflected light in the environment for power generation and reduce LCOE. Its excellent weather-proof property ensures reliable power generation performance in harsh environments such as sand storms, rain, snow, and extreme heat and cold. Yingli Solar’s Bifacial Double-Glass modules have been widely used in many projects around the world and have been well received by local customers.

During the exhibition, Yingli Solar held the Happy Hour Event at its booth to create a relaxed and joyful communication platform for customers. Yingli Solar’s global partners gathered at A2-270 to discuss PV technology progress and market trends and to build closer partnerships through pleasant communication.

As a global leader in the PV industry, Yingli Solar is committed to providing more efficient smart PV energy solutions to global customers with advanced technologies, high-quality and reliable products, and professional and efficient services. In the future, Yingli Solar will continue to intensify its efforts in exploring the N possibilities of PV applications, creating and sharing the Epoch N of PV.

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