Yingli Solar Secures Two Prominent French Carbon Footprint Certifications

  • Publish Time:2024.03.13

Yingli Solar has recently been awarded the French carbon footprint CRE4 certification and PPE2 certification, distinguishing itself as one of the select few PV enterprises to acquire both esteemed French carbon footprint certifications. This marks a significant stride in enhancing its presence in both the French market and the larger European arena.
The French carbon footprint certification, administered by the Commission de Régulation de l'Énergie (CRE), represents the most authoritative standard required for PV products exceeding 100kWp aiming to enter the French market. The admission criteria are notably rigorous and command widespread recognition across European nations. Consequently, attaining the French carbon footprint certification is particularly challenging, especially the PPE2 certification introduced in 2023, which builds upon the CRE4 criteria with more exacting demands. Yingli Solar's Panda N-type modules have successfully achieved both the CRE4 and PPE2 certifications, underscoring Yingli Solar's commitment to low-carbon products and robust green industrial chain management.

Furthermore, Yingli Solar's carbon footprint measures at just 396 kg CO/kWp, a testament to the company's 26 years of dedication to green intelligent manufacturing and the ultra-efficient mass production capabilities of the Panda N-type modules, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. "The significantly lower carbon footprint of Yingli Solar than that of other enterprises not only reflects our strong capacity in green supply chain management and intelligent manufacturing but also highlights the high efficiency and superior performance of our Panda N-type products. This enables our clients to generate more green electricity and reduce carbon emissions," Hital Wang, Deputy General Manager of International Sales at Yingli Solar, commented.
Yingli Solar, as one of the pioneers in China's PV industry, has consistently led the way in carbon emission reduction and carbon neutrality. In 2012, it became the first PV enterprise worldwide to be granted the TÜV Rheinland carbon footprint certification. In 2013, Yingli Solar was the first in China and in the PV sector globally to join the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) "Climate Savers" program. In 2023, it published its ESG report and was among the early companies to be included in the "China New Energy Industry ESG Value Index". In addition, Yingli Solar has committed to the recycling of PV modules, establishing the first domestic green recycling processing line for such modules, with its green industrial chain management spanning the entire lifecycle of PV modules.
Looking to the future, Yingli Solar will maintain its dedication to research and development in product technology, continuously providing more environmentally friendly products and services, and championing clean energy to serve an expanding global clientele.

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