A leading global provider of
smart PV energy solutions

Yingli solar is striving for massive exploitation and utilization of
green solar energy through the state-of-the-art technologies.

Strive for excellence
Build a benchmark brand

Yingli Solar has always highly valued independent R&D and technological innovation.
Playing a Leading Role in Compilation of Photovoltaic Industry Standards.

Co-build a Green and Low-carbon Future
with Photovoltaic Wisdom

Yingli Solar is committed to the research and innovation of carbon emission reduction technology,
promoting the development and application of clean energy.

Leader in N-type Bifacial Technology

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Yingli Solar•Profile Company Introduction
  • 20countries

    Marketing network throughout the world
  • 10years

    Leading in terms of number of patent applications in the industry
  • 10offices

    Branches worldwide
  • 132countries

    Number of countries buying Yingli Solar’s photovoltaic products
  • 10th Place

    Ranking of PV module shipment
High-Efficient Modules
Power Plants Development
Global Services
Yingli Solar•Solutions Business Solutions
At present, Yingli Solar has more than 10 branches across the world, including the offices in United States, Spain, Japan and Australia.
From May 2003 to July 2019, Yingli Solar has provided photovoltaic products to 132 countries, ranking third among its competitors in terms of the number of customer countries. The aggregate installed capacity of power plants accounts for 3.1% of the world’s total, ranking eighth among all photovoltaic product providers.
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Yingli Solar•Worldwide influence Global influence
Yingli Solar is the world's leading photovoltaic module manufacturer, and has sold more than 50GW of
photovoltaic modules to the worldwide users. The green power generated by photovoltaic modules is equivalent to:
  • 14 million tons of carbon emission reduction

    14 million tons of carbon emission reduction

  • 680 million trees planted

    680 million trees planted

  • 850 million incandescent lamps, illuminating for 3 hours a day

    850 million incandescent lamps, illuminating for 3 hours a day

  • Power consumption by 6.6 million household consumers

    Power consumption by 6.6 million household consumers

Yingli• Environment, Social and Governance Carbon neutralization related contributions
Yingli•Environment, Social and Governance
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